Adorable Annabelle

A Small Charming Craftsman in a Historic Neighborhood

nnabelle they named her.  This is the first historic house on the tour of homes all the way through the alphabet to'Z' for The Moxie Ladies. 

Marla Waseka of Graceful Spaces, LLC and Jessica Town-Gunderson purchased Annabelle in October 2008 and began work immediately.  Annabelle was born in 1913; a modest Craftsman house built on the ‘up and coming’ Ramsey Street in the South Side of St. Cloud, MN.  She lives among larger Craftsmans, a French Colonial and looks daily at a red brick Richardson mansion.


A warm and inviting Front Porch greet you at 211 Ramsey Place South.

A view into the kitchen with a one-of-a-kind wood top breakfast bar.

This remodel also addressed bringing the house with nearly century-old construction up to date with current energy efficiencies.  New basement walls were insulated; energy efficient appliances were purchased and storm windows were repaired to protect the original authentic windows.

With the attention given to her that she deserves, Annabelle is now standing tall and proud.  Read more about her by going to Historic Home for Sale or you can see her in person by contacting us.

Her bones were great; all she needed was a little work on her dressing.  Paint, plants and elbow grease were applied to the exterior.  Inside, loving attention was given to restore her original floors and recreate Craftsman charm in the kitchen and bathroom with cabinetry.  What is a Craftsman without a stained glass window?  A salvaged window, that fits so perfectly it feels as if it was original to the house, has been installed over the French door.


A tasteful bathroom dressed in ceramic tile, marble-top vanity and oak wall paneling.

Strict attention went into preserving her character – when sometimes covering it up or removing it would have been easier.  Adding back elements lost over the last 95 years was done with thoughtful sensitivity to her original design.



"Contemporary Craftsman" is a design-style that complements the authentic character of the home.

Warm paint tones and refinished maple floor create a warm, inviting atmosphere.

Before: the bathroom was bathed in turquoise blue, wrapped in wallpaper border and sits on an unfinished floor.

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